Ironhack’s Prework:[UrbanGo/Cittymapper]_Challenge1.

My approach and experience:



  1. How might we integrate a mobile ticket purchase system?
  2. How might we activate and use a digital ticket while lacking mobile data?


  1. The purchase process needs to be visible and easy/quick to go through! Buying tickets should also be achievable in multiple ways, making it very easy for the user (and valuable for Cittymappers $$$). BUT! At the same time, it can’t mess with the user’s mental model! Otherwise, Ananas_014 is going to be mad, “ I love the Interface, never change it!” (Source: App Store Review — true story ;P).
  2. In case users aren’t provided with mobile data on a trip, they can buy a ticket prior and activate it at any given time.






Art Director and future UX / product designer.

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Art Director and future UX / product designer.

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